What is a QR code?

A QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional barcode that encrypts content and converts it into a series of pixels displayed in a square-shaped grid. It can store various types of information, such as website URLs, text, contact details, or product information.

Once generated, Business QR codes can be printed on physical materials or displayed digitally on websites and online platforms. They act as digital shortcuts, easily scanned using a smartphone, directing users to the intended digital content instantly. They also provide valuable insights for businesses by tracking metrics such as scans, location, and device type, empowering businesses to optimize marketing strategies and effectively engage with their target audience.

How to Make a QR Code

Benefits of using a QR code

Using QR codes offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Ease of use: QR codes enable customers to access information or perform tasks with a simple scan, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Convenient Sharing: With the use of smartphones, QR codes offer a straightforward way to share a lot of information quickly and effortlessly with a single scan.
  • Versatility: They can be used for marketing campaigns, ticketing, payment processing, inventory management, and more. A flexible solution for different needs.
  • Data Tracking: Allows businesses to track and analyze user interactions, providing valuable insights for marketing strategies.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Provides users with additional content or exclusive offers, enhancing user experience and engagement.
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How to use a QR code

There are lots of ways to use QR codes for your business:

  • Marketing Campaigns - Include QR codes on your business cards, brochures, flyers, and posters to direct customers to your website or social media profiles.
  • Product Packaging - Attach QR codes to your product packaging to provide additional product information, user manuals, or access to customer support.
  • Promotions: Create QR codes for special promotions or limited-time offers, allowing customers to access exclusive discounts.
  • Payments and Transactions - Integrate QR codes into your payment systems to enable contactless payments or streamline checkout processes.
  • Lead Generation: Offer exclusive content or discounts in exchange for email sign-ups through QR codes, helping you build your email list and generate leads.

Keep QR Code campaigns responsive and relevant.

Broken links, outdated information, mistakes, and typos destroy customer confidence. Dynamic QR Codes let you edit and update content as and when you need to.

How to generate QR codes: Three simple steps.

A custom QR Code can take seconds to create, but it can deliver long-lasting benefits and a brilliant ROI.


Add your Details

To create your QR Code, you’ll need a URL or any digital destination you want your QR code to send users to.

Step 2

Customize your Design

Customize your design by selecting a frame, choosing a color and adding your company logo.

Step 3

Can I edit a link in a QR Code?

There are two types of QR Codes: Static and Dynamic. Initially, they appear to operate in the same way, as both automatically open URL links upon scanning. However, Dynamic QR codes offer the flexibility of supporting updates and modifications. This is because they don't store transaction data within the QR code itself. Instead, a Dynamic QR Code contains a URL that directs the machine reader to a secondary URL, which can be altered as needed, even after the QR code has been printed. Dynamic QR codes benefit from a number of a different features:

Dynamic IP QR graphic

Trackable for Analytics

Data is at the heart of an effective marketing campaign. Dynamic QR codes are measurable. Which means you can evaluate their effectiveness by tracking metrics such as unique and total scans, scan location, time, and operating device (Android smartphone or iOS device, for example). And use insights on customer behavior to help inform future QR Code campaigns.

Increased versatility

Dynamic QR codes are flexible, easy to track, and responsive to change. These factors combined make them capable of delivering customized content and more personalized customer journeys. For example, using data sourced from a scan, a Dynamic QR Code can resurface and represent relevant content to make it more timely or location-specific.

Edit your content post-printing with ease

Customer confidence is built on trust, once this is destroyed it’s hard to regain. It’s one of the reasons mistakes and inaccuracies in externally-facing content are so bad for business. The good news is Dynamic QR codes are quick and easy to modify. So you can keep campaigns up-to-date and error-free despite the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of business.

Analytics Icon

QR Code Analytics for tracking, measurement and valuable insights.

Effective marketing campaigns rely on data insights. Dynamic QR codes offer measurable results, allowing you to evaluate their performance by tracking various metrics such as unique and total scans, scan location, time, and device type (such as Android or iOS). QR Code Fusion's comprehensive analytics feature, including its live stream data capability, enables real-time tracking of metrics for prompt and informed decision-making.

Scan Analytics

Scan Analytics



Device Metrics

Device Metrics

Live Stream

Live Stream

QR dashboard edits

Manage and optimize campaigns

Effectively managing QR code campaigns goes beyond just creating codes. It involves optimizing engagement, analyzing user behavior, and ensuring impactful results. QR Code Fusion simplifies this process, offering an easy-to-use dashboard for editing, managing, and monitoring your QR code campaigns.

How to use your QR code

Let’s explore where you could promote your generated link QR code.

Man holding business card

Business Cards

Including a QR Code on your business card allows contacts to easily scan and save your contact details directly to their phone.

You can also share more details at networking events which makes a strong impression and sparks curiosity about you and your brand.

Create a QR Code to Business Card
Flyers and mobile phone


Included on a flyer, a QR Code promotes interactivity by guiding potential customers from a printed product to an online resource.

This increases a sense of ownership and interest, and allows you to provide extra information in a digital format.

Create a Flyer QR Code
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

QR codes can track stock levels in real time. They streamline inventory management by aiding in sorting, filtering, and consolidating inventory across various locations.

This capability empowers businesses to provide detailed supply chain information to their customers.

Create an Inventory QR Code


Digital menus have transformed the food and catering industry by providing convenient access and effortless updates.

They simplify service for both staff and customers, enhancing efficiency across the board.

Create a Menu QR Code
Poster QR Codes


Designed to make an instant impact through visuals rather than text, posters aren’t content-rich.

Using a QR Code on a poster, you can link to extra information that further explains your value proposition without compromising design space on the poster.

Create a Poster QR code
Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Packaging is integral to your brand, but to be effective, it needs to be simple and clear.

By using a packaging QR Code, potential buyers can access more information about you, your brand, and your products without impacting design.

Create a Packaging QR Code
Website QR Codes


QR codes on websites serve various functions, such as promoting loyalty program signups and providing discounts.

They can also link to video content, social media pages, and business apps, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

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Easily create Dynamic QR codes for your business

Get instant access to our custom branding, editing and evaluation features today!

Find a QR Code package that suits your business.

Is our QR Code generator free? Yes! Signing up for a free account gives you automatic, free access to our full range of generated QR codes. Free QR codes are easy to create and yours to keep. And they’re perfect for personal or one-time use. But if you’re a business or need more control over your QR Code and want to evaluate how effective it is, our range of upgraded accounts offer all of the extra functionality you need including:

Analytics Suite

Analytics Suite

Full access to our analytics suite so you can track and measure the success of each QR Code.

Downloadable Reports

Downloadable Reports

Downloadable reports highlighting key metrics such as time, volume, geolocation and device details.

Customized Campaigns

Customized Campaigns

Flexible packages so you can create customized campaigns based on what you need at the time.

Advanced Editing

Advanced Editing

Editing features so you can modify content at any point after it’s been generated.

QR Code FAQs

To scan a QR Code, all that's required is a mobile phone with a camera app. Simply point the camera app at the QR Code image and click the on-screen prompt to immediately access the link or information the created QR Code is linked to.

QR Code Generators are digital tools that allow you to generate Dynamic or Static QR Codes. Generated QR codes are then scanned using a mobile phone, and users can access the data you've provided instantly and effortlessly.

QR Code Fusion is an example of a QR Generator and you can create free QR Codes today with a free trial. Alternatively, you can access our QR Code Generator Pro to create multiple QR codes or create a QR Code that can be edited and tracked.

Find out more about our QR Code plans and prices.

On the surface, QR codes all look pretty similar. But behind the black and white squares there’s a world of possibilities. Capable of storing high volumes of data, they can be used for a wider range of different purposes. Some of the most popular use cases include opening a web page, sharing contact details and making payments. Displayed on promotional materials they’re widely used in business and events marketing.

Static QR codes are fixed and can’t be modified after they’ve been generated. And their scans can’t be measured or tracked. Because of this, Static QR codes are best suited to information that isn’t going to change. Or for personal, one-time use. Need to create QR codes at scale (ID cards, for example)? As long as you don’t need data to back them up, Static Codes are the answer.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are super flexible. And packed full of potential. Their content can be updated whenever you need to. Which means you can change links, fix errors, and add extra content even after you’ve printed, published and promoted the code. They’re also easy to track. And can produce detailed, granular analytics. These range from the number of scans associated with each code to where and when they took place, and with what type of device. Given all of this, Dynamic QR codes are ideal for business and marketing purposes. They can optimize PR campaigns, boost customer engagement and optimize reach.

With the right account access, you can add a logo, icon or apply your brand or company colors to all your QR codes.

Yes! With the right account access, a Dynamic QR Code is easy to modify if any of your QR details change. Or if you simply need to add information. Just log into your QR Code Fusion account and go to your dashboard. Select the QR Code you need to update, edit the information (for example, replace your existing web address with your new one) and then save. The process is the same regardless of what it is you need to amend or add. So you can fix a typo, update contact details on a vCard or link to a new menu all using the same, simple approach. And the good news is, because you’re changing the details within the QR code you don’t have to reprint or republish a new QR Code every time you change its content. The only exception to this would be if you’re changing the design (color, logo or border, for example).

All of our QR codes are free and yours to keep. All you need to do is create a free account and move onto the ‘Create free QR Code’ stage by choosing your free QR Code type.

If you’re using a QR Code maker for business purposes, you may want to consider upgrading your account. Our upgraded packages include editing functionality and access to our full analytics suite so you can manage QR codes and track and measure the success of each QR Code. And download reports highlighting key metrics such as time, volume, geolocation and device details. Data like this can help inform and improve future campaigns and boost the long-term effectiveness of each QR Code. Need QR codes for ongoing campaigns? No problem. Choose the upgrade option that provides unlimited scans.

Created with one-time use in mind, Static QR codes are best for personal use. They're not measurable so you can't gather any scan statistics or insights. For a measurable QR Code campaign Dynamic codes are the best option.

The best QR code generator is one that works simply but effectively. With QR Code Fusion's QR generator there are just three quick steps to a totally free QR code. From the list of QR Code types, select the required QR Code type. Having chosen your new code, add the details (for example, destination url or url link). Finally, personalize your design by adding a company logo and choosing your color palette. This simplicity combined with enhanced functionality and a range of upgrade options make it the best free QR code generator for businesses of every shape and size.