QR Codes for Business

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Businesses are evolving quicker than ever thanks to the widespread introduction of technology. In this digital landscape, customers have changed their habits and now view tech as the norm when buying products and using services.

How QR codes can help market and grow your business

Whether it’s boosting sales or creating new entry points, a QR Code can have a big impact on the development and success of your business.

But how can QR codes be used and what benefits do they offer? Let’s break them down:

Business Cards

Man holding business card

Including a QR Code on your business card allows contacts to easily scan and save your contact details directly to their phone.

You can also share more details at networking events which makes a strong impression and sparks curiosity about you and your brand.

Create a QR Code to Business Card


Flyers and mobile phone

Included on a flyer, a QR Code promotes interactivity by guiding potential customers from a printed product to an online resource.

This increases a sense of ownership and interest, and allows you to provide extra information in a digital format.

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Inventory Management

Stacked inventory in factory

QR codes can track stock levels in real time. They streamline inventory management by aiding in sorting, filtering, and consolidating inventory across various locations.

This capability empowers businesses to provide detailed supply chain information to their customers.

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Menu on table and phone

Digital menus have transformed the food and catering industry by providing convenient access and effortless updates.

They simplify service for both staff and customers, enhancing efficiency across the board.

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Ditigal poster on billboard and phone

Designed to make an instant impact through visuals rather than text, posters aren’t content-rich.

Using a QR Code on a poster, you can link to extra information that further explains your value proposition without compromising design space on the poster.

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Product Packaging

Clothing packaged with mobile phone being held

Packaging is integral to your brand, but to be effective, it needs to be simple and clear.

By using a packaging QR Code, potential buyers can access more information about you, your brand, and your products without impacting design.

Create a Packaging QR Code

Stickers and Labels

Stickers QR for clothes retailer

Enhance brand engagement with visually appealing QR Code Stickers and Labels.

Drawing attention to your business can be challenging, but QR code stickers offer a great way to direct more people to your website, social media, or any online platform.

Create a Sticker or Label QR Code


Billboard on side of lorry

QR codes on websites serve various functions, such as promoting loyalty program signups and providing discounts.

They can also link to video content, social media pages, and business apps, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

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Easily create Dynamic QR codes for your business

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How to use QR codes to scale up small businesses

QR codes work for all sizes of businesses, but their affordability, versatility, and ease of use make them particularly suited to smaller companies. Using a free QR Code Generator like QR Code Fusion, it’s easy and quick to scale up your operation with minimal resources. If you run a small business, the following tips will help you get the most out of company QR codes and QR Code technology.

Include a call to action

Also known as a CTA, a call to action helps you provide context and encourage more scans from your users. A simple message is usually the most effective, but make sure it’s relevant to the QR Code in question and doesn’t detract too much from your design.

Add a CTA (call to action)

Track your QR codes

Data is king in marketing, and with our paid QR Code plans, you can track your QR codes with ease. From scan location to device used, time of day, and much, much more, you can get more from your QR Code campaigns by learning about your audience and their behavior.

Track your QR codes

Personalize your QR Code

Personalization helps your QR Code stand out and encourage more scans. Add different colors, frames, even your own logo to help connect your brand with your code. However, ensure colors contrast the physical location of your code or it may not be scannable.

Personalize your QR Code

Carry out QR Code testing

Testing your QR Code is functional before you print it is hugely important and helps you prevent issues in advance. To carry out a thorough test of your QR codes, scan them with multiple different devices from different angles to make sure they work as they should.

Carry out QR Code testing

Do I need a QR Code for my business?

Attractive woman holding phone and QR Code

Revolutionize your business

Businesses are evolving quicker than ever thanks to the widespread introduction of technology. In this digital landscape, customers have changed their habits and now view tech as the norm when buying products and using services.

Driving transactions, creating connections and boosting customer engagement exponentially, QR codes have revolutionized the way many businesses operate. The fact that they can also be used by anybody with a smartphone means that your potential reach is massive, and the opportunity to promote your brand across multiple platforms has never been simpler.

Mid thirties man smiling holding a phone

Bridging the gap with QR codes

It’s fair to say that QR codes and mobile phones go hand-in-hand. Using the digital camera built into a smartphone or tablet, users can scan QR codes to get quick and easy access to online information. This helps bridge the gap between digital and physical spaces, which is something business owners and mobile phone developers have been quick to recognize.

Apple and Android phones, for example, have been updated with QR Code functionality in mind, and businesses have adapted their operations and marketing efforts to integrate QR codes. This usage covers everything from payments and purchase orders to advertising, social media, networking, and more.

The benefits of QR codes don’t just lie with businesses, their potential extends to users, too. Offering convenience, control, and a seamless user experience, QR codes are now an expected part of the customer journey. Given all of that, the key question is: Why wouldn't you use them for your business? Here are five reasons why:

Versatility: a QR Code has an almost unlimited number of use cases.

Cheap: using a business QR Code Generator like QR Code Fusion, QR codes are free to create.

Quick: QR codes work fast and can be produced in minutes, if not seconds.

Easy: using a QR Code is straightforward - just scan and click.

Intelligent: Dynamic QR Codes can be tracked and the data can be analyzed.

QR Codes in action

The type of QR codes you use will depend on the type of business you run and what you want your QR Code to link to. From paying for goods to demoing products, ordering food, sharing a portfolio, and more, there are a vast range of use cases to choose from. Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas of how you can use custom QR codes for different businesses.

How to use a QR code

Let's explore where you could use your generated QR code:
vCard QR Code

vCard QR Code

Helping you share your business and contact details in a novel, exciting way, vCard QR Codes help streamline communication between your brand, new clients, and customers. Adding modern flair to your brand and enhancing your reputation and recognition.

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A URL QR Code allows you to easily share various online content like campaign landing pages, business websites, videos, contact forms and payment pages. When scanned, it instantly opens the linked URL in the device's web browser, eliminating the need for manual typing.

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Social QR Code

Promote your wider social network by linking users to all of your social media accounts in one scan. The result? More followers, better customer retention, and the chance to keep customers informed and up to date regarding your products or services.

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Examples of QR codes across different industries

Here are a few examples of a how QR code can be applied to everyday business operations.

QR Codes for financial institutions

Financial companies

Maximize networking opportunities at conferences by including QR codes on business cards. Include a CTA button encouraging contacts to schedule a free session or to find out more about a certain service.

QR Codes for cafes

Restaurants and cafes

Make service smooth for customers and staff by linking a QR Code to a digital menu and contactless payment app. There’s also the chance to offer discounts through the code as an incentive.

QR Codes for electronic companies


Stand out from the competition with intelligent packaging. Powered by QR codes, you can use smart labeling to share product information (provenance, uses, production) with consumers.

QR Codes for videographers


Holding an event or exhibition? Direct attendees to your online portfolio by putting a QR Code on a flyer or brochure. You can also add a CTA that includes the option to book for a future event.

Business QR Code FAQs

Using free QR Code generators like QR Code Fusion, QR codes are free to produce and yours to keep. Simply create a free account to get started.

If you’re using a QR Code maker for business purposes, you may want to consider upgrading your account. Our upgraded packages come with editing functionality so you can update and amend codes as information changes. You also get access to our analytics suite where you can manage, track, and measure the success of each QR Code.

Packed with data, our downloadable reports highlight key metrics such as time, volume, geolocation and device details. This makes it easier to optimize the impact of each QR Code and make adjustments to deliver better targeted and effective campaigns in the future.

Thanks to the integration of native scanning tech in mobile devices, QR codes have experienced a massive uptick in usage. More businesses are using them than ever before, and more consumers expect them to be part of the user experience.

From data tracking and insights to marketing, engagement and branding, they bring a number of benefits at little or no cost, and for little or no effort. With such a powerful ROI, the real answer is: why wouldn’t you use them?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.Using a QR Code you can link contacts to a vCard, which is virtual business card produced in a format that can be easily read in other email programs. Saved as a .vcf (Virtual Contact File), it can be attached to emails, sent through MMS or instant messages or by using a QR code.

Static QR Codes are fixed, can’t be modified after they’ve been generated, and their scans can’t be measured or tracked. Because of this, they’re best suited to information that isn’t going to change or for personal, one-time use. Need to create QR codes at scale (ID cards, for example)? As long as you don’t need data to back them up, Static QR Codes are the answer.

Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, are super flexible and their content can be updated whenever you need it to be. This means that you can change links, fix errors, and add extra content even after you’ve printed, published, and promoted the code.Dynamic QR Codes are also easy to track and can produce detailed, granular analytics. These range from the number of scans associated with each code to where and when they took place, and with what type of device.

Given all of this, Dynamic QR Codes are ideal for business and marketing purposes. They can optimize PR campaigns, boost customer engagement, and expand reach.